Bingo’s Biggest Stars: From Record Breakers to Life-Changing Wins


Bingo is not just a game of chance – it’s a game that has the power to transform lives. Over the years, it’s produced some of the biggest and most memorable winners in the world of gambling. From small amounts that have put a smile on someone’s face to life-changing jackpots, here are some of the most famous bingo winners in history.

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  1. John Orchard: £ 5.9 Million

John Orchard became the biggest online bingo winner in the world after scooping an incredible £ 5.9 million on the popular game, Major Millions. The 60-year-old from Long Sutton, Lincolnshire, was in disbelief and took a while to let the news sink in. He spent the money on holidays and new houses for himself and his family members.

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  1. Soraya Lowell: £ 1.2 Million

A mother of four, Soraya Lowell from Motherwell, Lanarkshire, won £ 1.2 million while playing bingo in her hometown. She had been playing the game for over 20 years when she hit the jackpot at the Gala Bingo Hall in 2008. She used the money to buy a new home and to help out her family and friends.

  1. Lisa Potter: £ 1.3 Million

Lisa Potter from Oxfordshire won over £1.3 million playing bingo on a Sunday evening. The 33-year-old mother of three struck big at a local Mecca Bingo hall. As a big animal lover, she decided to use the money to help animals in need and open her own rescue center.

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  1. Christine Bradfield: £ 1.1 Million

Christine Bradfield was just 53 when she won £ 1.1 million at her local Club 3000 Bingo in the Merseyside town of Birkenhead. Christine, who has been suffering from cancer, said that the win gave her the opportunity to retire from her job as a cleaner and enjoy the finer things in life with her family.

  1. Georgios M: €6.3 Million

In 2009, a lucky Greek man hit the jackpot while playing bingo online. Georgios M won €6.3 million playing at the River Belle Online Bingo site. He used the money to pay off his mortgage and take his young family and parents on a dream holiday to Australia.

The world of bingo is full of surprises, and these five winners remind us that anything can happen if we keep trying our luck. One moment they were ordinary people immersed in a game of bingo, and the next, they had become instant millionaires. It’s moments like these that make Bingo the ultimate game of chance and show that sometimes, luck can change in an instant.



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